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                  Kaifa wins UBT "Best Partner" and signs new strategic cooperation agreement

                  Release Time:2019-02-01

                  Based on the spirit of "quality first, Innovating constantly", in the process of cooperation with UBTECH (UBT), Kaifa Smart Vehicle Business Unit (SVBU2), based in Dongguan, overcomes difficulty and complete the intelligent robot " Ubtech Alpha Mini " project smoothly and successfully. In 2018. With outstanding performance during the project completion process, Kaifa wins the UBT 2018 “Best Partner”. At the same time, Huarong Yu, the vice president of Kaifa, and Xu Lin, vice president of UBT's supply chain, sign a strategic cooperation agreement to lay a solid foundation for further deepening cooperation.
                  Huarong Yu (right) and Xu Lin (left) sign a strategic cooperation agreement
                  Kaifa wins UBT "Best Partner"
                  At the beginning of the project, under the guidance of the customer UBT and the leadership of the high attention and care, with the joint efforts of all members of the two major supply chains, the SVBU2 team have experienced an eight-month research and development process, and ultimately "creates" the intelligent robot "Ubtech Alpha Mini". In the face of high-intensity order requirements from customers, SVBU2 continuously optimizes the line body, improves the process flow, and improves the operation methods of employees, so as to increase the monthly output from August to December. In the end, not only does the customer's order demand be completed in quality and quantity, but also creates the first place in the single humanoid robot production  with the first-month output.
                  Kaifa creates the first place in the artificial intelligence industry with the high monthly output

                  Kaifa will continue to import new business such as PCBA, inheriting Kaifa spirit of pursuing excellence and innovation, and strive to achieve greater achievements in 2019.