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                                                                  Kaifa holds 2018 fourth-Quarter Business Review

                                                                  Release Time:2019-01-17

                                                                  On January 14, Kaifa Headquarters successfully held fourth-quarter business review. Vice President of Kaifa Yu Huarong, Mo Shangyun, Assistant President Zhang Jian, Ma Xiaobo attended the meeting and listened to the work of the six divisions of the Shenzhen area and the heads of the six central functional departments for the fourth quarter and the work plan for the first quarter of 2019.

                                                                  Mr. Ma Xiaobo delivered a speech at the opening of the meeting and put forward two opinions on how the central functional department can better serve the business units. First, we must communicate more business needs and strive to reach an agreement on the level of demand cognition. The central functional department should pay attention to the development direction and strategic needs of the business units, and develop a series of targeted work plans to support the strategic development. The second is to pay attention to the cultivation of employee responsibility and professionalism. The sense of responsibility and professionalism of employees is the foundation for the continuous development of the company, the key to winning good business efficiency, and the guarantee of providing quality services to customers. The central functional departments should pay more attention to the development of staff quality, Increase support for domestic and overseas subsidiaries to enhance the quality of the business units and customer service.

                                                                  In conclusion, Mr. Mo Shangyun introduced from six aspects: Mo Shangyun summarized the Kaifa personnel changes, profit situation, derivatives management, project construction, company development issues and development proposals in the summary speech of the meeting. It indicates that Kaifa 2018's annual profit is in good condition. With the cooperation and support of relevant departments, the construction of UCC Project, Kaifa Chongqiong and Kaifa Guilin Project went smoothly. Payton Technology and Micro Electronics Company moved to Dongguan as scheduled. In order to better help the development of the business units, Mr. Mo Shangyun pointed out that the central functional departments should further improve the technical level, strengthen market development efforts, and develop more targeted project strategies for the business units to provide fast and high-quality services.