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                  Kaifa wins "Shenzhen talents cultivation demonstration unit" ,"outstanding corporate social responsibility" two honors

                  Release Time:2019-01-11

                  On January 9, Kaifa vice President, Mo Shangyun was invited to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Industry Association and the Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Achievement Conference. With the outstanding contributions made in science and technology personnel training and practice corporate social responsibility, Kaifa stand out from nearly 300 participating companies, won the "Shenzhen talents cultivation demonstration unit" and "outstanding corporate social responsibility," the two honors. Shen Li and other three employees won the honorary title of “One hundred excellent artisans in Shenzhen”.

                  Kaifa has been vigorously promoting the spirit of Shenzhen craftsmen and is committed to cultivating high-quality scientific and technological talents. In recent years, in order to promote the construction of the staff skills improvement system, Kaifa organized the trade unions and the technical backbone of the central laboratory to participate in the training workshop of artisans in the New Age Artisans College, laying the foundation for cultivating innovative artisans. At the same time, Kaifa actively participates in public welfare undertakings and fulfills its social responsibilities in depth. It has been supporting the Shenzhen Red Cross's "fuel action" of more than one million yuan. In 2018, Kaifa once again donated 200,000 yuan to children in the Mediterranean region of Shenzhen.
                  The Shenzhen Industry Association (referred to as “Shenzhen Workers’ Federation”) is an economic social group in the industrial and commercial sector. Since becoming a member of the Shenzhen Workers’ Federation, Kaifa has strengthened exchanges and cooperation with all member units to jointly promote the cultivation of scientific and technological talents and the innovation of scientific and technological achievements, and to contribute to the industrialization of Shenzhen with outstanding achievements and enthusiasm, and to help the high-quality development of Shenzhen manufacturing industry. In the future, Kaifa will further accelerate transformation and upgrading and independent innovation, pay attention to brand building, promote the spirit of artisans, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, and contribute wisdom and strength to the new development of Shenzhen's social economy.