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                                          Cloud IIoT Platform

                                          The sensor modules and actuators can be accessed and managed to the platform easily.The platform provide IoT core modules of indoor location, edge computing, etc. and provide data analytics service

                                          IIoT-- Indoor Location Solution

                                          The independently developed indoor location solution can provide low cost Bluetooth indoor location and precise UWB indoor location. Can be applied for the positioning and tracking of person/goods in construction sites, industrial factories, nursing homes, shopping malls, airports, hotels, etc.

                                                                                             Location Application in Factories

                                          IIoT – Data Wireless Transmission Solution

                                          We can provide module solution of Lora, NB-IoT, GPRS/4G, Wi-Fi, BT and ZigBee, etc.


                                          IIoT – Data Acquisition/ Monitor Terminal

                                          The quick solution of data acquisition for various sensors to IIoT platform and feedback control signals to the actuator. Suitable for data gathering and industrial automated control. 

                                          q Flexible modularized configuration

                                          q Include various wired or wireless transmission

                                          q Unified protocol with the IIoT platform for easy integration 

                                          q Available for the sensors and actuators below (customization also available) 

                                                                Terminal Module