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                                                                  Design to Mass-Production
                                                                  We provide total service from prototype design to mass-production to provide a quick solution for customer’s concept to market. 
                                                                  q Hardware Design
                                                                  q Software Design
                                                                  q Structural Design
                                                                  q Thermal Design
                                                                  q Quick Prototype Manufacturing
                                                                  q Testing
                                                                  q Supply Chain

                                                                  Hardware Design
                                                                  q RF Design:NB-IoT, LoRa, Wi-Fi, BT, ZigBee, Sub-1GHz, GPRS/LTE, NFC, GPS, etc. 
                                                                  q Embedded Design:ARM, PPC, X86(Freescale, MTK, etc.) 
                                                                  q PCBA Design::High speed signal PCBA design and signal integrity analysis. 
                                                                  q Reliability Design::Signal anti-jamming design, and EMC simulation and design.

                                                                       PCB Layout                                   Signal Analysis                                                                                        EMC Design
                                                                  Software Design
                                                                  q Communication protocol module (Wi-Fi/LoRa/NB-IoT/ZigBee/Ethernet) application or integration
                                                                  q IoT module design (MQTT/CoAP/6LoPAN/XMPP) 
                                                                  q Network security design (SSL/TLS/PKI) 
                                                                  q Embedded system integration
                                                                  q STM32/ARM CortexM application

                                                                  q Portable APPs developing
                                                                  q High performance database application developing
                                                                  q Data base design of IIoT cloud system
                                                                  q Web application developing capability
                                                                  q Realizing of the visible 2D/3D real time positioning and tracing system

                                                                  Structure Design
                                                                  We provide our customers with all kinds of structural design with low manufacturing cost.
                                                                  q Product ID design
                                                                  q Product structure design
                                                                  q Package design
                                                                  q Mechanical stress simulation analysis

                                                                  Structure Design                                                                           Mechanical Simulation

                                                                  Fluid system is important for some products’ structure design, We can provide fluid simulation and engineering analysis for structure design, or provide related solution.

                                                                                                                                                           Fluid Simulation

                                                                  Thermal  Design
                                                                  Thermal dissipation is important for high power product’s reliability. We can provide computer simulation/analysis and solutions for thermal dissipation design.

                                                                                           Thermal Simulation for PCBA                                                       Thermal Simulation for LED

                                                                  Quick Prototype
                                                                  Quick prototype is helpful to reduce the time of product to market, we have the capabilities to provide quick prototype making. 
                                                                  q High precision 3D printing 
                                                                  q Machining, surface treatment, stencil printing for trial mechanical parts 
                                                                  q Enough source for trial
                                                                  q PCBA making and related component

                                                                                                                            3D Printing